Hello !

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello ! Im Bored Byeh !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gambar Tertinggal:D
I Miss Them Freaking Hell:D

Petang Went Out . Follow Mum Go To Tampines.
Oke Dhen First Went To Eat & Then GO Shopping Sekejap Aje.
Dhenn Meet Sister At Cottonn .
Dhen Buy Some T-shirt For Me :D
&& Dhen Went Home.
Oke La Byehbyeh .
& Bieie Sorry Tak Meet You Dearest :(
I Love You Biebie :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Have This Attitude That You Hate It The Most .


Monday, November 2, 2009

That True Jyeah ! I Miss You Bie :(

Hello Morning Semuer. Yesterday Was A Fucking
Day For Me. I Swear It Is Oke. My Head Was In
Pain. Rumah Mcm Aper . Arghh! All Ahhh. Fucking Shit. Really Sia , Like Wanted To Shout. .
Aint I Not Good To You /? Aint I That Great To You?

Hello Malam Semuer. Morning Bangun Siap2 Kluar Pergi Kazent House

& Thenn Wait Mereka Siap2

After That, We Took 24 Went To Changi Airport.

Eat At Popeye. & Then We Took 36 Went To PP .

Walk2, Hahahha Hohoho Hehehhe.

Dhen It Started To Rainn, Lepas Ituu, Naek Bus 31 Nakk Balek.

Oke La , No Mood Nk Update ready .

Bahhh, Byehhhh ;D

Hello I Miss Dorang !
Nort The School Eh , Hahh But The Friends
Like Wan, Fadzly,Shaffy,Keerah&Leeana :(
SobSob! Nehmine One Day Will Meet Them
Yay! I Rindu Mereka .
Anw, That The Picture That Leeana Give ,
Aduhhh, Sikit Leeana, Yang Lain Mane ?? =.=
Hahah Oke La Till Here.
ByehByeh !


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello ! Just Come Back From PP
With Mum Dad & Siiriin .
First We Went To Tam
Sent Sister To Her Werk.
But Before That We Went To Eat First.
& Then Jalan-Jalan Sekejap.
Then Kakak Wanted To Buy Hangbag
Just Cost Around 30Bucks.
Ayah Paid For It.
Thenn Went To TopMan
Follow Abang Buy T-Shirt
After That Sent Sissy Werk.
& Then My Mum & Dad Took Cab Went Off To PP.
Went There To Buy Mum's Fav BegDuit.
Just Cost Around 100+Bucks Ayah Paid Lagi.
Hahahha & Then Went To Cotton On To Buy Adik Sliipers
& Then Mum Ask , Youu Want Also
I Said Yes I do .
Then After Buying Went To Eat .
Then After Finish Eating Went Home .


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello There Humans.
I Here To Blog .
I'm At Boyf House.
Bored laaa, Boyf At Luar While I At
His Room Playing Computer :)
Saw Some Of Tis Picture That His Frew Has Capture .
Long Ago Ehhh .
Anw Im Bored .
Hahhaha, Oke Byehhh :D

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello. Going Out Ltr . Will Post Ltr Oke .
Byehhh :)



Thursday, October 29, 2009

Petang Semuer.
Fyye Nort Feeling Well This Days.
Nyahahhah, I Wish You Just Be Mine EveryDay.
I Tried To But You Know Kannn.
I Will Tried To Make You Feel Happy Every Single Seconds.
I No Wish To Fight With You Eveyday.
Really Its Tiriing To Me.
Pls Dont Talk That Way To Me Anymore.
I Really Upset With You.
I Have Small Heart.
You Have Said Many Time That Word.
I Said No.This Time I Just Wanna Let.
Bcoz, You Mati2 Want It.
But I Tried My Best.
My Heart Said,
" jangan fyye jangan. coobaaann Utk diri Muuu Fyyye Terima Apa ada ya"
I Can Take It But Pls, Why You Like This.
I'm Totaly Upset With You.
You Said Sorry To Me.
I Will Forgive You, BUT I Will Not FOrget About It.
Pls,I Love You. Dont You Turst Me That ?
Buat Aper Kite Bersama Dlm 1Tahun Bergni ?
Im So Sorry.

W H Y !


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello There . Just Coming Back From School .

Wahhhh, SO Tiriing=.=

They Are Alots Funn Stuff. Really!

Hahhahh, Idont Know How To Talk But Its Fun.

&&& The Cinema Mcm Betul-Betul Tahu.

I Enjoy It. Mmg La At First Tgk,

Maaakk mepek Nyer. But Dhen Its Funnn.

Banyak School Jgk Ahh Pat Saner.

Hahhaha. Oke La tuh Aje.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Hello Hello .
How Are You? Fine Thnks .
Anw, 4 Days Didt Turn Up For Schh .
Hhahah Guru Besar Called Mum.
Adr-adr La Tuhh Nakk Suruhh Fye Go Schh.
2Morrow No Leessoon Laa kann .
Going Singapore Science Center .
Mcm Bdk2 Hahahah :P
& Yeahh I Miss Gf & Bf Also .
Oke Next Topic !
9am Wake Up, Mum Kejot.
Sibok =.=
hahhaha , & Dhen Kol Bie Said
No Meet.
Sad, But Nehmine Bsk Meet Aite.
Pityyy Babys.

Thnks Yana.
Hehehhe, Thnks For Helping Me Alots Yeah.
I Love You :D


Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Bored I'm Bored !
No Temann . No Kawan . No Friend .
I Miss Baby Alot .
Yay ! Bye .


Hello There .
Today Didt Attend Schh .
Hahhaha Xam Dhbis Jadi No Use Going .
Besok Pn Samer Taak Gi .
Anw Jus Now , Wake Up At 9plus am .
As Mummy Woke me up .
& Then Go sarapan At Long John Slive .
Dhenn Meet Baby At Ubi .

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby , You My Funny Guy

Baby , You My Loves Only .

Baby , Only You Could Understand All This .

Baby , Is My Star .

Baby , You Give Me Pampered Alot .

Baby , Love Me Like No One .

Baby Said
" i dnt want u to be the wrong way"
"u such a great lady loving caring patience"
thanx for that
"i appreciate ur love towards me"
"i give all my care to u loves caring pampered a
ccompany help u thats all my job i done but u can't see"
so i dnt know
"my loves to u is more n more each day"

As Today Post
Ard 3Pm Plus Wen To Tamm
Meet Mum And Dad At There .
Me , Sister & Ida (KID)
Uhmm Yeahh , Took MRT To Tammm
Dhenn Went To Starhub Place For Changing
Aper Bende ntah .
hahhha LOL -.-
After That Went To Wht Place
idk ahhh haahhaaa tuh buy Seluar For me & Dad .
Dhennn Went To Kedai Sbelah .
Hhaahha Kedai Split Buy Mum t-Shirt
After All That Went To Bedok Inter To Eat .
Kakak Lapar So We Went Bedok Inter The Nearest .
After That Went Back .
Today Picture

When Abg Tunang Day .