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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Want me Tuh prove all my Love aye ?

hahahh , nahhhh take it .

all my secret had left here , yahh left at tis bloger .

why ? knenaper tk nk simpan pt buku tulisan eh ?

psl buku tulisan fyeqah selalu luper mner ltk .

yah yah yah ...

my secret ;

since wen the tyme i saw you ,

yahhh you . you know who you are .

dont prented dont know aye ?

yahh , since the tyme we meet

i felt more brave tuh be friend with you ,

i dont know why jyeh .

& Ohhh , almost 1years yah ,

i have great tyme wen with you .

you takecare of me

you shayang me

you everything tuh me !

uhmm ,cnt be replace la deny .

i swear . i love you :D

i dont know , if you dont trust it's oke tuh me

bcoz none of my friend n famliy knew all this .

just me n only me know .

god know eh ?

hahah . oke la till here aite .

byehbyeh :D


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