Hello !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello there's !
hah , oke .
After sch wen home ,
dhen ,at bus 60 was siting alone .
Felt sleeping some more .
Ayai , dhen after tht
HAFIZ called me .
hehehs , wahhh nk aper ntar eh
nahh , jus talking2 otf :D
Dhen *FadilSayang*
called me lah of coz ,
wondering where iam .
ohhh & wen reached home ,
quickly siapsiap .
Oke 4plus wen tuh ubi .
Dhen kner mrh w FADIL .
He said " LMBT SIA KAW"
hehehs , dhen mit hyme ready we
i mean , amin , sofie , fadil & fyeqah
wen tuh take 45 wanted to go to Fengshan Skate Park :D
Oke , Dhen after going there dh sampai .
Mit all my skate frew la :D
After tht , at 8plus i went home .
ergh ! actulaay nk alek 9.30
but dhen fadil la . hahh ask me tuh go home
Psl i sick . he touch my four head .
But i swear seh i did not sick .
uhm nehmine la / i jus went home he anta me
to the busstop only :D thnks bby :P
Anw , imissurkiss:D


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