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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sabran , My Adek Sedare Paling Last Sekali
I Miss Him Like Fcuking .
Hehehhe Daah Lamer Jgk Taakk Bertemu Dgn Sab .
Anw This June Holidays will Go To His House YUUPIiiI!!
Siiriin , My Adek Sedare Jgk . Hahahha She's My Mkck Kpo bby .
I Miss Her Also .
Even She Live Near My Blk Bkan Selalu Dpt Jumper .
Haish , anw dier cute kn haha i know :)
Shahrul Correct Takk Spelling Dier " UCU"
Hehehhe , Anw This Is Fadil So Called My
"BABY" Punyer anak sedare .
Eh , I Miss Him Too Taw .
Hahhaha CUTE kn ? I know also .
Will Meet Soon These 3 Little Cute baby .
Didt I said I Miss These 3 Little Baby ?
Jyeahh , I miss Them Like Fucking Hell .
Aint Them Cute ? HAHHA LOL
I know Its Cute Btw :)


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