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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey There Sweet ppl .
As You had write my blog ,
today fyeqah aru jugak jumper keerah .
yahh mine ex-bestfriend .
ermm , she just came tuh my house untuk lepak je :D
and i was happy oke .
bcoz i damn miss her .
oke , 9.44pm we went home .
ard 7.30plus we went tuh bedok park there .
we chat2 ermm quite long :D
until my mum ask tuh go home .
hehehhe , late u know . hehe .
then , we were planning tuh stick back ?
she said she oke anithing . bt i said i scared i made big mistake agian lor .
i dont know !!
haish , i wanted her bck oke .
i want her as my bck bestfriend .
erghh , so hw eh ?
was thinking rite now


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