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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oke Kawan .
on the 110309
on the nite was fighting .
Fadil n fyeqah gdo .
hahs , coz i lie hyme tht
tht boy is my kazent
pderhal bkan .
he jus mine kwn .
& we got into deep fight .
susah jgk eh nk sovle kdg .
uhm bt nehmine dhen dh beak ,
fyeah cry really cry at busttop oi .
tk ksh la .
dhennn after we dh beakbeak talk beakbeak
on tht day .
he ask for " Jom kiter Matea "
i was like ,
"eh dier biar betul , mner dier nk std ngn aku kn "
DAHHHH ! i mcm tk cyer uh
sbb dier ckp g2 .
hehe at last we
Togther .
everlastlong w him , & I swear i love you baby :D


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